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Insan إنسان - Downloadable MP3 Album

Hamza Namira

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Hamza Namira

Download and Listen to the MP3 format of Hamza Namira's album "Insan - إنسان".


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Hamza Namira's second album and his most multi-dimensional work yet, covering everything from Arabesque and Rock, to groove-based material and ballads.


Namira covers various topics in his inspirational album Insan (Human), starting from everyday human experiences and emotions of happiness and sadness. He sings about his dreams of a better Egypt with a united community of Muslims and Christians, where citizens wouldn't be forced to leave the country searching for a better lifestyle. He sheds light on the shortcomings of his country and conveys a message of peace and optimism to his listeners everywhere.


Vibrant. Optimistic. Powerful. This album is Namira’s best so far and is set to establish him as an iconic Arab singer and songwriter of the 21st Century!


Track list:

01 Insan

02 El Midan

03 Hansa

04 Tazkarti

05 Ya Muhawwin

06 Ewdooni

07 Ibn el watan

08 Balady ya balady

09 Yahanah!

10 Doori

11 Haser Hesarak

12 Ala Bab Allah

13 Wushoosh

14 Sout

15 Hila Hila

16 Esmy Masr



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