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Salawat (Code: CD AWK02)

Mesut Kurtis

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Mesut Kurtis

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A new album has been launched by Mesut Kurtis, Awakening's new nasheed artist. This album was produced by Sami Yusuf and a special track also features him. Mesut Kurtis was born in 1981 in Macedonia to parents of Turkish origins. He comes from a very religious and scholarly family. His great grandfather was a well known scholar at the time of the Ottoman Empire. He is fluent in 5 languages. He has recently finished his Islamic Law course at the European Islamic Institute in Wales.

Salawat is a compilation of Nasheed in praise of Allah (swt) and his messenger (pbuh) by Mesut Kurtis. It was produced by the internationally renowned Nasheed artist and composer Sami Yusuf, who is also featured in an exclusive track. This amazing album also contains the famous Burda by Imam Al-Busari. The songs on this album beautifully and seamlessly blend lyrics in Arabic, Turkish and English.



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