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The Prophetic Legacy (Code: CDA AWK06)

Imam Suhaib Webb

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Imam Suhaib Webb

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Let’s begin by asking a question, one which can be put to everyone in the room, whether they be male or female, students or professionals, young or old.

If you were to die today and leave this world, how would you be remembered by your neighbours, your co-workers, fellow students, your spouse and children? What sort of impact are you going to leave behind? If you were to disappear today what type of legacy would you leave?

In this lecture Imam Suhaib Webb highlights the dynamic nature of the Prophetic legacy. The Prophetic mark on society is one we can ill afford to neglect.

During these times when Islam is misrepresented by different heretic factions within its camp and attacked by other political and religious zealots outside of it, it is important to take the Prophetic plunge and leave a lasting benefical mark on our societies.



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